mysore classes

Mysore Style Assisted Self Practice Classes

In this class, students practice at their own pace and the teacher assists everyone individually.

You can expect to see complete beginners and more experienced ones practicing in the same class. 

This is the perfect place where you can focus on your practice and deepen your understanding of each asana as every detail are explained in depth.

If you are a beginner you will begin with simple breathwork and warm-ups and then you will be given the first poses of the Primary Series, once you have achieved them and the breath has become comfortable more asanas will be added… Your practice would initially last 45mins -1 hr.


Hands-on Adjustments: All students may receive hands-on adjustments in order to help them deepen their practice. If you don’t want hands-on adjustments that’s also fine and please feel free to share this so that you will only get verbal instructions.

Suitable for all levels, incl. complete beginners.

  • Tuesday morning, 6:45 am, Canterbury Yoga Studio, Highfield House, Harbledown CT2 8NH
  • Thursday morning, 6:45 am, Shakti Den, Whitstable CT5 1NA

£12 per class or £60 for 6 weeks block (please get in touch for block booking)

What Are The Benefit?

Yoga is a very unique journey that is special for every individual however there are some common benefits we can experience through regular practice. Yoga may;

  • Calm the mind and reduce stress
  • Improve the breath
  • Strengthen the physical body
  • Improve mobility and posture
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve digestion