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Half Day Workshop for everyone who wishes to start or deepen their Ashtanga Yoga practice.

What are we going to cover?

Part 1

Guided Ashtanga Yoga Standing Poses, we will explore different variations of each standing pose to help you discover which one works better for your self-practice.

Part 2

Self-Practice, depending on your level, you’ll either carry on to seated poses or repeat the standing poses at your own pace.

Part 3

Guided Finishing Poses, we will particularly focus on backbends with loads of extra preparations and then complete the rest of the sequence.

This workshop is suitable for all levels except for complete Yoga beginners.

Whether you wish to return to your Ashtanga practice or you are new to it,  join us to explore the practice in a supportive group.

Get in touch to book or to ask any questions.

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Suitable for all levels, incl. complete beginners.

  • Tuesday, 7 AM Yoke Yoga, Folkestone
  • Wednesday, 6 PM Canterbury Yoga Studio (runs 3 wks a month)

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Other Events

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  • Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners Course, January 2024
  • Ashtanga Yoga for Improvers Course, runs once a year.
  • Masterclasses, runs every 6-8 weeks
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  • BREATHING & MEDITATION – ONLINE, Free – Runs one Sunday a Month. This class is for everyone who would like to… READ MORE

Which Class Is Suitable For Me?

There is a class suitable for everyone at Ashtanga Yoga Canterbury.


Although the level of classes and events are mentioned in the descriptions, if you are not sure which one is best for you, please get in touch and learn more…